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How To Apply Drag Queen Makeup

How To Apply Drag Queen Makeup

VideoJug's Fabulous Fairy Godmother is here to teach you how to put on a feminine face.

Step 1: Prep Your Face

Do the deed right after taking a shower-and I mean shaving girl. Always finish with a non-oily moisturizer.

Step 2: Browlicious

Draw in your brow shape with a brow pencil as a template and start tweezing!

Step 3: Foundation, Baby

Remember the three C's: Color, Coverage and Concealer. Test the foundation's color on your cheek. It should blend easily into your neck. Coverage is the amount of pigment you need to cover any discolorations. Full coverage foundation works great for patchy skin. Use matte foundation for oily skin. If you have flawless skin like me, well then honey, a little dab of semi-matte will do ya'. Concealer hides everything from acne to a big liver spot. If you have a dark beard, you will need to use a neutralizing concealer—this will knock out the dark shadow. Finish with powder for a flawless look.

Step 4: Blush It Up

An easy way to add some cheek color is with a big brush. Bronzer is a good choice. Brush into it and lightly dust from the top of your cheek bone to the apple.

Step 5: Bette Davis Eyes

Use a light eye shadow… and sweep it from lash to brow bone. Then apply a crease color. Go with something natural. Now is not the time for blue or green. For the first coat use a waterproof mascara. Then follow with a regular mascara

Step 6: Lip Service

Choose a lip color complimentary to your skin tone. Olive or darker tones look good with peachy or orangey tones. Porcelain or pinkish toned ladies look best in pinky colors. Darker complexions like me look perfect in plums and wines.

Step 7: Done.