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How To Apply Eyedrops To Your Cats Eyes

How To Apply Eyedrops To Your Cats Eyes

Giving your cat eye drops can be a tricky and uncomfortable process, so VideoJug has enlisted the help of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London to show us the correct way to administer eye drops to your cat.

Step 1: You will need

  • Eye drops or ointment
  • Damp cotton wool ball
  • A towel

Step 2: Hold your cat securely

Place the cat on a table or in your lap and drape your arm across her body to keep her steady. You may need to wrap her in a towel to stop her scratching. Keep your body or a wall behind your cat to stop her moving backwards.

Cradle her head with one hand, holding firmly and gently, and tilt her face upwards.

Step 3: Clean the eye area

Before applying the medication, make sure the eye area is clean. Gently wipe away any discharge with a damp cotton wool ball.

Step 4: Ointment

If you are applying ointment, put one hand on top of your cat's head and use it to gently lift the upper eyelid open. Hold the tube of ointment about half a centimetre above the eye. Keep it at an angle so it is not pointing directly down onto the eyeball. Be careful not to touch the eye with the nozzle. Squeeze a small amount of ointment into the eye.

Allow your cat to shut her eye and very gently massage the eyelids to disperse the treatment.

Step 5: Eye Drops

If you are applying eye drops, hold your cat's eye open in the same way. Hold the bottle about 2 centimetres above the eye, and squeeze out one drop so that it falls onto the eye.

Allow your cat to close her eye, and repeat the process if you need to apply more than one drop.

Try not to let your cat rub her eye. Give her a treat once you have finished.