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How To Apply Geisha Make Up

How To Apply Geisha Make Up

Juliet Eve, a face painter from Facade Academy, shows you how to do geisha make-up in a very simple way that can be done by anyone. Watch the procedure in this video.

Right, today, I'm going to show you how to do geisha make-up on Chloe here. So, we're going to do a white base. It's very simple, a white base and pink cheeks basically, and that's roughly what we do and some eye line.

And with a geisha, it's quite a good idea to try and make it into a mask. So I'll actually have a line around an edge, around the white mask and then while you're doing the white, try and blend it as quickly as you can because actually, white make-up base is not an easy thing to put on. And the pink goes over the eye and on to the cheeks, so close your eyes gently for me, so it goes over the eye and then on to the cheek as well and keep it close until it's dry.

So, I slanted that down already along the eye line and down there, and I'm just going to wait for that to dry, so you keep your eyes closed until it's dry. So, it's sloped downwards, not too thick a line, into the corner. Now, we're going to let that dry and we do a kind of Cupid bow lips, it's not the full mouth, but just to keep it based.

So, I just want you to open your mouth very slightly. Lovely! Hold it like that. And you accentuate the Cupid bow, so push the brush up that way, push it up and then the lower lip.

So you can see it's just the center of the lip that you're painting. Now, just gently close your lips together and just check they're lined up. It's not far off.

We'll make this a bit rounder, I think. That's batter. And then, I think we'll add just a little bit of glitter and you will be done.

So I dump in my finger very slightly, add some glitter there. And that is how to do geisha make-up. .