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How To Apply Lion Makeup

How To Apply Lion Makeup

In this video, Juliet Eve, a face painter, shows us how to apply lion makeup using simple techniques on kids and even adults.

Hello. Today, I am going to show you how to face paint a lion. We start with base.

I've got all three colors on the one sponge. Keep the head there, that's fine. So, I'll start with the centre.

With boys, they are often quite sensitive on the face, so it is a good idea not to go straight for the eyes. But I work across the nose, sweep under the eyes, and if you can get as much paint on the face, in a shorter time as possible, just around those eyes. Sometimes, you can stroke it in with the sponge.

Just add again a bit of cat looking streaks. It can look a bit of stripy or a bit lion-ish. Right now, I'm going to add the white around the muzzle.

So, around the muzzle and down on to the chin. Lion's tend to have white chins as well, white hairy chins. Head up, close your eyes very gently, and over the eye.

Start with the nose. Do a brown nose, over the nostrils and around to the front, not over the whole thing just around the front and then down into the centre line to make the split lip. So, a very thin line down the centre and then turn it into an 'A' quite near the lip.

And then, what I do with lions, I don't make the top lip brown. What I tend to do is to make the mouth sign of droopy, which is what lions have, I take it. I put a droopy line there and there.

Then I go up with the muzzle. Just finish off with a light flick. And then, to make the whisker spots, just very lightly tapping the brush, the tip of it, just around like that, just lightly tipping on just the middle of the lip.

I think it kind of makes the whole mouth look droopy, which works on the lion. What I am going to do is a little tip I recommend. If you are doing eyes on children, so that they can open their eyes quite soon, I get a tissue and just lay it across the eye, a dry tissue.

Lift off, do the other side. There you go. Now, you can open your eyes.

So, the stripes I've got underneath are a bit cat-like. Then I'm going to put some curls as well. Just twiddle a brush around anywhere really, make it curly.

And then on the side as well, we'll put some curly mane here. When you are doing whiskers; try and plant them actually in the whisker spots. So, on lions, they are quite nice and long and droopy quite often.

Do a few different angles, makes it for a bit more realism as well. There we are. So that's how to do lion makeup.

As you can see, I've done a lighter base, yellow base mixed with some oranges and some light brown. Then I've added brown on the nose, brown on the eyes, around the muzzle. I've done these droopy bits, that's quite important to make it look more lion, and a curly mane. .