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How To Apply Lipstick

How To Apply Lipstick

make your lips look luscious by applying lipstick the right way to give you a sexier pout. This is a basic lesson on lipstick application that has great results.

Step 1: You will need

You will need:
Lip balm, if your lips are dry
Lipstick brush
Lip gloss

Step 2: Choose a lipstick

As a general rule brunettes and redheads should wear warmer deeper colours; if blonds wear dark colours, it can make their skin look quite pale. Of course experimenting is the best way to find out what works for your face.

The lips and eyes are the most important areas in make up. Keep your eye make up simple if you want to use a very bold lipstick.

If you have made your eyes look very dramatic it's best to keep the lips quite understated, with a neutral tone. Just make the most of your best assets!!

Step 3: What's the lip line?

The lip line is the edge of the pigmented area of the lips. Some people have a clear lip line, while others don't.

If you don't want to use lip liner, you can still avoid lipstick bleeding by applying a little concealer around the outside of the lip line

Step 4: Moisturise

Before applying lipstick if you're your lips are dry or hard, soften them by moisturising with some lip balm.

Step 5: How to apply

Most people put the lipstick directly on to their lips from the stick. This is fine, but it's a lot easier to get the right amount on, and in the right place with a brush.

Make sure the lip brush you use is clean and dry – and hasn't got lipstick on it already.

Run the brush on the lipstick from side to side so that it has enough lipstick on it.

Step 6: Apply lipstick

Start around the centre of the lips drawing the brush outwards to the lip line. It's easier this way because you will have less lipstick on your brush when you get to the lip line.

Fill in the whole lips with colour.

Step 7: Blot the lips

To really make the lipstick last, blot your lips. There are 2 ways of doing this.

You can simply and quickly blot your lips with a tissue. Or to set the lipstick put a 1 ply tissue over the lips and tap powder on your lips through the tissue. Then remove. The lipstick is set by the powder, but some of the colour maybe lost.

Step 8: Apply a second layer.

Add the colour back - apply a second layer of lipstick over the powder.

You have now got beautifully, evenly applied lipstick that will last for hours.

Don't ‘smoosh' your lips together, it will ruin all the careful work you have just put in.

Lipstick on teeth is not a good look, but it's easy to prevent. Just make an ‘O' with your mouth, put your finger in, close your mouth, and pull out your finger. This will remove excess pigment.

Step 9: Lip gloss

As a final touch you can add a little lip gloss. Brush it on to the centre of the lips and spread it out a little.

Step 10: Reapply

No matter how brilliantly you have applied your lipstick, it will fade through the day. You should reapply every few hours.