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How To Apply Lipstick Using A Lipstick Brush

How To Apply Lipstick Using A Lipstick Brush

Looking for kissable lips? A London-based stylist gives you the latest tips on using a brush to apply lipstick and create a smooth even look. It's fast and easy, and you'll love the results!

Now, I'm going to show you how to put lipstick on with a lipstick brush. Make sure the lips are moisturized and not dry, but, again, not too much lip balm otherwise the lipstick won't go on properly. Putting a primer or a little bit of foundation on the lips helps to keep the lipstick on a little bit longer, too.

I always start in the center and then work my way out the lips and then build up. So, there's less lipstick on the brush when you do the outer corners so it isn't too heavy. And blot, and then apply a second, second coat.

And that's how you apply lipstick with a brush. .