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How To Apply Liquid Foundation

How To Apply Liquid Foundation

Learn how to apply the perfect liquid foundation. This easy to follow video will enhance your appearance all day long, so follow these instructions and perfect your liquid foundation.

Step 1: You will need

  • some Liquid foundation
  • 1 Damp sponge
  • 1 concealer

Step 2: Choose a foundation

Make sure the colour of your foundation matches your skin perfectly, particularly along the jaw line.

If you can, try to see the foundation in day light before you buy it. It can look quite different under shop lights.

Use the lightest consistency of foundation your skin type will allow. If you have good clear skin, use a light foundation, if you have lots of blemishes, you will need a heavier foundation. There is foundation available which specifically neutralises a lot of colouration.


If you have very clear skin you can just use a tinted moisturiser. You can either buy a tinted moisturiser or mix some regular moisturiser with your foundation.

Step 4: Prepare the skin

Before applying any make up, cleanse, tone and moisturise the face.

Step 5: Put foundation on sponge

Put a little foundation on to your hand. Spread it around a little.
Pick up some foundation with the sponge, just a little, you can always go back for more.


The sponge should be damp because a dry sponge will soak up all your foundation and waste it. If the sponge is damp the foundation will just sit on the sponge and glide on to your face.

Step 7: Apply the foundation

Start in the centre of your face, and move outwards. Draw the foundation outwards rather than down. Make sure that it is spread evenly.

Step 8: Less is more

If you have matched the foundation to your skin well, you should be able to use foundation only where you need it.

Step 9: Watch your jaw

It is vital to blend along the jaw line very carefully, this is the easiest place to see the line of the make up.

Step 10: Problem areas

Watch out for foundation gathering up in areas such as the hairline, around the mouth, and eyebrow.

If foundation does clump, it should be smoothed away with the sponge.

Step 11: Concealer

If you have any blemishes that you can see through the foundation, you can use concealer to cover them up. If you put on concealer before the foundation it will be wiped away by the sponge.

Step 12: Apply a base powder

It is optional, but a translucent powder sets the liquid foundation and so holds it in place for longer.