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How To Apply Mascara On Thin And Short Lashes

How To Apply Mascara On Thin And Short Lashes

With a dizzying variety of mascara available now, anyone with thin and short lashes can go from short and stubby to long and luscious in minutes.

Step 1: Curl

Place eyelash curler close to the lashline and press. Pump curler down lashes to create a curl, not a harsh bend.

Step 2: Volume

Volumizing mascaras contain microfibers that add thickness.
Apply one coat from base to tip.

Step 3: Length

Lengthening formulas contain polymers that extend your lashes past their natural tips. Apply one thin layer.

Step 4: Thicken

Your wand makes all the difference in this step. Use one specifically designed to lay a thick coat of mascara on top of your eye lashes. Apply a generous coat, starting at the base of the lash line.

Finish the look by applying mascara to the bottom lashes.