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How To Apply Mastic Sealant

How To Apply Mastic Sealant

VideoJug keeps your DIY tips top notch with this video demonstration on how to apply mastic sealants to your bathroom sinks and baths.

This is industrial silicone - which is for things like this - for round the back of sinks and baths, that sort of thing. There's a nozzle at the end. I've already cut this one open.

The nozzle - you want to cut it across at 45 degrees, like that, in the gun slide that forwards. Now, you want to line up the angle the gap of what you are putting it on and cut across the face, not like this, not like that, but between the two. Squeeze it until it starts coming out the end - just wipe it off.

Very smoothly and evenly, squeezing on the handle very gently but even pressure, the little gaps though, between the tiles - you want to rest there a little bit longer just to fill the gap up. There you go and there you've got little lumps in it. Don't use a finger with lick on it, because it tastes disgusting and it's not very good for you either.

Use a little bit of washing up liquid which will just wash off afterwards when dry. If it's a bath you're putting in, a bath and water is heavy, the bath will go down a little bit, you want to fill the bath half full of water. Then, put the sealant on, then let the water out once it's gone dry, otherwise you'll find with the bath empty, and the sealant on, you put lots of water in it and get in it yourself, the bath will go down a little bit and tear the sealant off, so we have the bath half full first before we put the stuff in.

There you go, that's how to apply it, you have to wait a little while till it's gone dry before you wash that off, otherwise you'll mess it all up. .