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How To Apply Micro Loop Hair Extensions

How To Apply Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Watch this amazing video and learn about micro loop hair extensions and how to do your own hairstyle using micro loops.

Hi! I would like to show you how to apply micro loop hair extensions. I've got ready two strands here, two strands of micro loop hair extensions applied already, and I just want to show you from scratch, how to section correctly and how to make this hair extensions look and feel nice and neat. You will need a couple of sectioning clips.

The top section is already clipped up as you can see, just use the other clip to clip all the short hairs. We don't want any short hairs interfering with our sectioning because then, if we have crossed hairs, it will be very difficult to comb the hair. Just make sure the section is really nice and neat, with no hairs in between.

Use the sectioning clip, section the strand to a nice perfect square, just like that. The best way is to use this clip, to clip the bottom hairs. So, we have all this hair clipped up, all this hair clipped in the bottom and so we just have a section here to work with.

The next thing is you put micro loop onto the hook. Just make sure that the color of the micro loops is similar to your model's hair. It generally helps us to disguise the hair much better.

They are quite flat anyway, so the color is perfectly matching the roots. It will be completely natural, looking good and no one would be able to tell she's got something in the hair. You take this strand of hair, which was previously blended according to our model's hair colors, a little bit of brown and a little bit of blonde.

Take the section of the hair and pull it through the micro loop, to make sure that the section is neat, it is very, very important. Always keep your fingers down, we don't want the micro loops to be sticking out of the hair and showing. So, keep it down like that and feed the strand right up to the top of the micro loop and close it with pliers, nice and gentle.

Just make sure you just keep it flat and press it and make sure that all the corners are pressed and make sure it stays well. So, it's now nice and flat. The next step would be just to go and continue the same way and continue all the way around.

You will probably have quite a few lines of micro loop hair extensions in the back and a few lines on the side depending on the amount of extensions you would like to go for. Pretty much, the technique is the same as I just showed. And that was how to apply micro loop hair extensions. .