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How To Apply Mineral Eye Shadow

How To Apply Mineral Eye Shadow

Mineral eye shadow make-up is a big trend on today's fashion. Learn a basic every day use for mineral eye make-up. Easy tips for anyone to try.

Today we are going to do a mineral eye make-up look. It's a look which is very fresh, its really, really easy to do. One of the benefits of using mineral pigments is the fact that it is long lasting and I find it be very, very crease proof, so I love to use minerals.

Before I go into even doing the eye make-up, I have mixed up concealer using mineral pigments and a make-up base. So that it literally gives the pigments something to adhere to. So how I am mixing it, its just a cream mixed with the powder pigment and then using a small domed brush just going just underneath the eyes and tapping in with finger tips.

So I am literally using it as a concealer underneath the eyes and also I'll be using it across the lid. I'm very blessed with my model. Chanel has the most amazing skin, so its a really easy job.

It's just almost like gilding the lily. Taping it a little bit underneath and then as I said just a little bit on the actual eyelid. Now what I am going to do is go straight on to a base eye shadow.

The shade that I have selected is almost like a perfect skin tone. I'm going to apply it across the lid in a colour wash, which means just a shear hint of colour across the whole lid, all the way up into the brow. And I will blend that down, but it just gives you this really, really gorgeous even finish.

And then just on the other side. I have chosen a colour which is almost about two shades lighter than Chanel's skin tone in the respect that it just looks really refreshing. The next shade is a little bit more intense, and I am using a rounded brush.

Because it is more intense, I don't want to put too much on, so I am tapping the excess off and working with just a small amount. So, I am taking that across the whole of the lid and its just gently building the colour up. The pigments that I am using are loose which is fantastic for just getting a very seamless professional finish.

So I just gently brushing the colour across the lid and then smoothing out. This colour just a great kind of neutral beige, so what I am going to do is take a liner brush and I am going to line the whole of the eye with this particular colour. If you can just look up for me Chanel, thank you.

Chanel has gorgeous very, very deep brown eyes and this kind of neutral beige really pops her eyes and brings out an almost ambery tone. So just taking that across the lower lash line just short of the water line. And lids closed.

And then taking it just across the lid as well. And then just blending that down so that you can't see where one colour starts and the other colour finishes. And then just blending it ever so slightly under the eyes as well.

So you can see how that actually frames the eye. I'm going in with black, so its a very, very intense black. And I'm just going to keep that to the outer corner of the eye.

Tapping off the excess so I don't put too much on. It's always easier to start with a little bit. So if you just close.

And then build the effect up rather than putting too much on and then having to wipe it away. If a little bit falls, that's okay because we will just clean that up afterwards. But because it's very richly pigmented, you will find the fall out is minimum from this.

Because this is a very soft, every day mineral make-up look, what I am going to do is just vamp it up a little bit with a tiny bit of highlighter which is going to really open up the eyes up and just add a little bit of drama. So I am using a champagne colour. I'm going to use that, so if you will just look up for me.

In the very inner corner of the eye. Blending that down and just brushing a little bit under the brows. Because of the multipurpose element of mineral pigment, you can even take a little bit of the champagne colour and use it as a highlighter, just gently across the cheek bone.

And then the final step, curl the lashes, two coats of mascara and we are done. Just gently zigzagging the mascara wand thro