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How To Apply Nail Art Gems

How To Apply Nail Art Gems

How to Apply Nail Art Gems: This video will show you how to carefully apply nail art gems, pearls, and rhinestones to add creativity to your nails.

Hi, my name's Reena, I'm from Nail Creations. I'm going to show you how to create nail art designs, nice and simple. I'd like to show you how to apply nail art gems.

These are pearls actually, they're something new in the industry. We can combine them with the rhinestones. So I'm going to show you how to apply these, there's a number of colors that we're going to work with, this blue is nice and vibrant.

I'm going to go back to where my glue is. I'm going to pick up, I've got glue risen on this actual nail, I'm going to pick it up with the dotting tool. I'm going to apply it to where I've done the nail art.

I've applied the gems already onto the nail bed. So where I want the pearls to go, I literally position the glue down. I'm going to pick up the pearl color side up where it's a bit more raised and I'm going to position it where I'd like it to sit.

I'm going to use a combination of colors in this one. I'm going to pick up the glue again and position it where I'd like the gem to stay and I'm going to combine pink with it. I'm going to paint that side and position it like that.

You've got to be very careful that you don't actually touch the glue to the gem on the base because then you'll stick all of your gems together. So if anything, you'll probably position it on a surface as individual and then you can pick up, it's easier for you to pick up, the way the rhinestones are done and same way the gems are applied. So again, we're going to pick up the glue position it where I want the gem to stick, find a different color, pick up the actual gem and position it there, and that's how you apply gems to the nails.

Make sure once that's done, you seal it with a nice top coat and a nice good thick layer, and you see there across, and that's the full effect of the gems and the rhinestones together. .