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How To Apply Nail Rhinestones

How To Apply Nail Rhinestones

Have you always wanted to create your own nail art without paying salon prices? Here's your chance to learn how to apply rhinestones to your own nails.

Hi, my name's Reena. I'm from Nail Creations. I'm going to show you how to create nail art designs, nice and simple.

I'm going to show you how to apply rhinestones onto the nail once the nail art design is done. We're actually going to use a dotting tool. If you don't have a dotting tool at home, you can actually use an orange stick.

The secret to an orange stick is by the point, you want to file that down until you get a flat surface just like that, not too much. I'm going to show you with the dotting tool and then I'll show you with the orange stick also. You get an old nail, and in the old nail, you're going to place a bit of nail glue down, just a few drops.

And this is the secret. So with the dotting tool, you're going to pick up small amounts of glue. You're going to place it where you'd actually like the nail diamond to stick.

You're then going to find you've got a variety of crystals you can use. I'm actually going to use pink and clear. These you can get from the Nail Creations website.

You can pick up the crystal, with color side up, using the dotting tool and place it where you positioned the glue. And that's how it sticks. I'd like to show you now, with the orange stick.

So where you filed it down flat, pick up some glue, bring it across, place it down flat where you'd like the diamond to stick. Then you pick up a clear crystal and you bring it across and you place it down and you move it. If you apply too much glue, when you actually do your top coat, it's going to streak the nail art design.

So please make sure there's the right amount of glue. Place them into position. I'd like to show you again with the dotting tool.

Pick up the dotting tool, pick up some glue, apply it onto the nail, right there. Pick up your crystal, color side up. Position it onto the nail - you can move it around.

Make sure it sticks, that's it. Then to seal that, use a good top coat and seal across and across the ends. And that's how to apply rhinestones once your design's done. .