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How To Apply Party Make Up

How To Apply Party Make Up

Myriam takes you through all the steps necessary to apply beautiful eye shadow, blending it well with the colours desired.

Hi, I'm Myriam Djellouli, and today, I'm going to show you how to apply eye shadow. First, you make an eye primer. You will apply this to half the eyelid.

The cheaper ones are not that much worse than the best ones. Next, you will apply your gold-colored eye shadow. Apply it in a "c" shape around the edge of the eye.

Then, work you way toward the bridge of the nose. Next, make sure to blend it with your second darker gold. Blend your dark gold with your light gold.

The secret of good makeup is one, layering, and two, blending. And there you have it, finished, it looks beautiful. Viola! .