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How To Apply Pencil Eyeliner

How To Apply Pencil Eyeliner

This videojug guide to applying pencil eyeliner is effective and doesn't make a mess. See how a professional makeup artist applies pencil eyeliner and follow these steps to perfect it.

Step 1: You will need

An eyeliner pencil
A pencil sharpener

Step 2: Before you start

Prep the skin with a layer of foundation over the eyelids to help the eyeliner go on smoothly, although this is not essential.

Step 3: How to apply

Use a silicon based eyeliner pencil as it will glide on easily and last for a long time.

Work from the inner corner of each upper eyelid and move outwards along the roots of your eyelashes with several short strokes. Smudge this first layer with a finger to soften the look and cover any thin skin on your eyelid.

Add a second line for more definition, again drawing along the roots of the upper lashes and covering the entire length of the eyelid.

Next, draw a line along the roots of the lower lashes, stopping halfway along and working from the outer corner inwards.

Step 4: The 'cat eye' look

For a ‘cat eye’ look, flick the outer corner of the eyeliner with your thumb so that it wings outwards.

Step 5: Finishing touches

Start the line in the centre of your top lid, Draw the line in little connected dashes; it's easier and avoids stretching the skin. Make the line thicker towards the outer corner of the eye.
Try to think of drawing the line on to the bottom of the lashes rather than the eyelid.
Only start the line from the inner corner of the lids if your eyes are quite large.
If your eyes droop slightly, or just for a nice effect, curl the line upwards slightly at the corner of the upper lid.