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How To Apply Perfect Wedding Make-Up

How To Apply Perfect Wedding Make-Up

Celebrity make-up artist Daniel Sandler shows you how to get the perfect bridal look for your big day.

Step 1: Primer

Use a silicon based primer on the forehead, eyelids, and any other areas that may go shiny, before applying foundation, concealer and loose powder to set the base.

Step 2: Foundation

Use a silicon based foundation for bridal make-up as it will last longer than oil based formulas so you won't need to touch it up.

Step 3: Eyeshadow

Avoid hard, dark colours on the eyes which won't look flattering in photos. Choose soft pinks, purples and pastel colours.

For this look, Daniel uses a pastel baby pink eyeshadow - which should be applied from the eye line up to the brow line.

Lilac eyeshadow suits all skin tones - apply this all over the eyelid and up to the socket line with an eyeshadow brush.

Frame the eyes by applying the lilac eyeshadow along the lower lashline with an eyeliner brush. Work from the outer edge inwards and brush off any make-up that falls down the face.

Open up the eyes by applying the lilac eyeshadow into the eye socket with a smaller eyeshadow brush.

Step 4: Eyeliner

Use a waterproof, silicon based eyeliner pencil and apply it close to the upper lash line, which will make your eyelashes look naturally thicker.

Define your lower lashes with a little eyeliner pencil along the outer edge of the lash line. Keep the look soft, so don't apply it along the complete length of the eye.

Smudge this line with a layer of dark grey eyeshadow, applied on top of the pencil with a flat brush.

Step 5: Highlight

Next, apply a silicon based, frosty pink highlighter with a small brush, just beneath the brow bone and along the upper lash line, avoiding the grey line you have just drawn.

To give yourself an instant eye lift, use eyelash curlers on clean, dry eyelashes - holding the curlers shut for 5 seconds.

Step 6: Mascara

Finish the eyes with black mascara. To help the mascara last all day, apply a clear serum mascara over the black to give it a waterproof coating.

Step 7: Cheeks

Apply a silicon based cheek stain in a soft pink colour to the apples of the cheeks - being careful not to take the colour too low as this will drag the face down.

Step 8: Lips

For long lasting lips, apply a face primer to your lips before applying a lip gloss in a colour that is slightly warmer than your natural lip colour.