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How To Apply Relaxer Onto Black Hair

How To Apply Relaxer Onto Black Hair

A simple guide on chemically straightening afro hair and hard to manage hair with a few tips and tricks on achieving a successful result.

Hi, and welcome to the Braiding Lounge Academy. My name is Lauralyn, we're going to be demonstrating some techniques on different hairstyles today on Afro hair and European hair. What I'm going to do now is I'm going to show you an example of how to apply relaxer onto afro hair.

The basic thing with this, I've based the client's hair, you must always make sure you base your hair and not with Vaseline, people, with a proper baser and try and keep the relaxer off of the root. Try and apply it at least, so you can see a line of the natural hair on the root. Section the hair off so you get the most resistant part of the hair first, so you need to look at the scalp, it's not all about starting from the back all the time because different parts of the hair will take different times to process and you don't want to over-process one portion and another portion, it doesn't get done.

So it's very important because we're dealing with caustic soda here folks, that you do that and prioritize where you're going to put your relaxer first. This is what the relaxer in the hair looks like. This is the stage just before I'm about to comb it out.

So it's being applied to the hair, I'm now going to go through and comb it out from the roots to the end to make sure it's being processed properly. I've just finished applying the relaxer to the hair. What we're going to do now is just leave that to process for about seven minutes before we start our ten-minute rinse.

Okay. Okay so, what you've just seen is the relaxer has just been rinsed out, rinsed out for at least ten, fifteen minutes, has been given free shampoos until the shampoos no longer come out pink and then it's been put underneath the dryer with a 5 in 1 reconstructor treatment. It's always important to put in a treatment after you've put in a relaxer because you're stripping the hair, you need to feed back the hair.

Okay? And that's how you basically straighten hair with a chemical. .