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How To Apply Seemless Hair Extensions

How To Apply Seemless Hair Extensions

Applying seamless hair extensions can be quite a task if you do not know the correct method! Watch this video that guides you through the procedure of applying seamless hair extensions on your hair in a precise manner.

Hi! Today, I'll show you how to apply seamless hair extensions. It's a very popular hair extension system nowadays because it allows us to get hair extensions right after the parting, when sometimes we need sort of bulk and volume. I'll show how to fill the theme, how to apply in the back.

You have to section the hair, make a nice clean section. It's very important to have a very straight line because seamless hair extensions, they come in panels, straight panels. You need to keep straight.

To make it more interesting, we will be using low lighted seamless panel. You can use low lights over highlights if your hair is darker. It's a fun way to give your hair a different look for a month because that's how long they normally stay, a month.

After we've made the section, we have to section slightly lower. Basically, just sectioning that little fine section of the hair, use a second clip to keep the rest of the hair. Now, we have to take one seamless panel, the first one.

We'll be applying the first panel in the bottom. Each panel has got a tape on it. You just have to remove the actual tape and expose the sticky bit.

We have to lift the section, put it underneath, right underneath on the scalp, and then press just here at the corners and firmly press the section against the sticky bit. Don't worry if it's not very nice and neat from the first attempt. It doesn't really matter.

If it's slightly lower than right under the scalp where the hair starts growing, it's fine, it isn't going to stay. They normally stay just for a few hours. The second step is just to take the second panel and do the same as we did with the first one.

Expose the sticky bit and press firmly on the top of the one which we already applied. And, if you do close enough to the top, you will be able to see your lowlight. If you are going to curl the hair, and you want to put the lowlights in the bottom, then you will see your seamless piece when you curl your hair just showing through.

And that's how to apply seamless hair extensions. .