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How To Apply Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup With Binky

How To Apply Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup With Binky

Binky Felstead from 'Made In Chelsea' is on Harley Street getting the second part of her semi permanent eyebrow treatment done. Watch Binky get the treatment done and find out what she thinks of her finished look!

Step 1: Decide On What Eyebrows You Want

There are numerous types of treatments available, ranging from light eyebrow treatments for blonde haired people to statement power brows which are thicker fuller. Binky has gone for a natural colour and full shaped brow.

Step 2: Anesthetic Cream Is Applied

Once in the clinic the first stage is the anesthetic cream being applied to the eyebrow area, this will numb the area so you won't feel the treatment.

Step 3: Preparing The Eyebrows

Any stray hairs are tweezed and then the eyebrows are measured and analysed. Using a pencil they are filled in so the desired shape is in place. The customer should always check the shape to make sure they are happy with the look.

Step 4: The Eyebrows Are Filled In

The colour is mixed and the customer lays down on the treatment bed. The colour is applied in hair like strokes through the eyebrows, with any sparse areas being filled in at the same time. The colour implanted into the skin is made from synthetic iron oxide, so its not the same ink as the ink used in a standard tattoo. This ink gives it a more natural look, and means the colours can be custom blended.

Step 5: The Eyebrows Are Finished

The eyebrows are checked and the treatment is done. The colour will be quite strong for 5 days but will then dull down. A thin layer of aftercare balm will need to be applied 4 times a day for 4 days.

Step 6: Further Information

Although this treatment is considered cosmetic tattooing it is semi permanent. It's common to come back every 6 months to get the colour refreshed and topped up. Although the colour would have not left the skin completely, it would have softened significantly.