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How To Apply The Fairy Make-Up Look

How To Apply The Fairy Make-Up Look

This is a little something I put together to help others for a Halloween look. I am using MAC cosmetics Hope this video is helpful :)

Step 1: Apply The Base Colour

Start with a little bit of Shark Skin Shade Stick all over your eyelid.
From the lash line to the crease, and when you come to the end, just tick it out a little. You don't want to go past the end of your eyebrow. Just like that.

Step 2: Ensure You Have A Good Base

I've already put foundation on, I've got a little bit of Stella's tinted moisturizer on, and a little bit of Mac Select SPF 15 Moisture Blend, I think it is. That's for starters.

Step 3: Apply The Base Colour On The Bottom

I'm going to do a little bit on the bottom, just bring it down, then come along on the bottom lash line. You don't want it too thick, so just slightly drag it across. I'm not touching the skin too much. So you've got your base.

Step 4: Apply The First Eyeshadow

And for the colors I'm going to be using, because we're going to do it like a fairy look, we're going to go for some Tilt. And we're want to put that all over the top of the Shark Skin. Just gently drag it over, I'm going to just use the Mac 164S brush. Don't worry if you cover that Shark Skin up too much, you've got your basic drawing for how you want it to go. We're going to go right up into the brow bone. Right up into there. So you've got all this area covered. And do the same on the other eye.

Step 5: Apply The Second Eyeshadow

Because we are trying to create a nice fairy, kind of angel look, now we're going to apply a little bit of the Beautiful Iris, by Mac eyeshadow.
And we're going to apply that on the inside corners.
We're going to use this brush. It's Mac 239 brush. I'm just going to apply a little bit of Iris eyes. On the inside corner. Then we're going to coat our way across. Like so. And again on the other side.

Step 6: Apply The Third Eyeshadow

Then when you've got your beautiful Iris on the inside corners, we're going to apply a little bit of Aquadesiac to the lower lash line, over the top of the Shark Skin.
Actually, I'm applying this just under the Shark Skin. So you've got the darkness next to your lash line, and then you've got the bright of the Aquadesiac just underneath.
I'll leave some still photos at the end so you can see.

Step 7: Define The Lash Line

I think now that we've done that, I'm going to apply a thin layer of some Mac Powerpoint Engraved just along the top lash line.
Smudge it in, as close to the lash line as you possibly can.
Now, my eyes are watering up on the inside a little bit.

Step 8: Apply Eyeliner

Now with the Boot Black eyeliner, pick up where you got off on the corner, and just create a swirl.
You can do as many as you want. I'm just doing a couple, just like that.
It doesn't have to be completely symmetrical on each side, just as long as you get the idea of the twirls.

Step 9: Apply Mascara

Now I'm going to quickly put some mascara on. Mac Black Mascara X.
I know I shouldn't pump the mascara wand, because it dries it out. That's probably why I've gone through so many tubes.
Always tip your head back for the top lash line.
This will help a little bit, so you don't touch the skin and have to go over your work again.
I mean it's not perfect, but it works.
Do the bottom lash line.

Step 10: Finish Off The Look

For the lips we're going to use a little bit of Gosh Cosmetics, its Pink Peony lip liner.
And I'm just filling in the whole lip.
And then what I'm going to do is, stick my gloss on, and add some glitter.
A little bit of Neon Pink glitter, just add a tiny little sweep of that to the lip, and there you have it. The Halloween look.