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How To Apply Three Shades Of Eyeshadow

How To Apply Three Shades Of Eyeshadow

Does it seem like you only use one color in an eye shadow trio? Stop wasting the other colors! Break out of your everyday makeup rut and learn to apply all three on one eye!

Step 1: Pick Eye Shadows

Choose a light… medium and dark shade of the same color family.

The light shade is for the lid. The medium color is for the crease. The darker color for the lash line.

Step 2: Your Shape

If you have round eyes and sockets, concentrate shadow on the outer edges but don’t go 80’s and do a cat eye. You want a crescent shape.

For those with less of a crease, blend the medium shadow across the eye, creating a deeper crease.

For almond-shaped eyes, keep the medium tone near the lash line.

Step 3: The Medium Eye Shadow

After applying a thin layer of foundation or eye shadow base, place the medium colored shadow into your crease. With your brush, blend back and forth.

Step 4: The Light Eye Shadow

Using your brush, place shadow onto the lid, under the crease shadow and all the way to the lash line.

Step 5: The Dark Eye Shadow

With a flat shadow brush, line your eyes with the darkest shade. Blend.

Finish with a coat of mascara.