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How To Apply Translucent Powder

How To Apply Translucent Powder

help your make-up to last all day! Choosing and applying the right translucent base powder will give your face a flawless finish, so watch our video and learn how to apply translucent powder.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 Powder
  • 1 Large soft powder puff
  • OR large powder brush

Step 2: Choose a powder

You don't have to use powder, but it does help to set the foundation, and make it last longer. Some powders give sun protection too. All should be applied in the same way. It's a good idea to use a translucent powder as it doesn't give a heavy look, or change the colour of your foundation.

Step 3: Before applying

Powder should be put on after your foundation if you're using it, but under blusher or bronzer. If you want to apply your powder straight after moisturising, blot the skin with a tissue first to stop the powder from caking.

Step 4: Puff or brush?

A powder puff will come with the translucent powder and is ideal for applying powder. Other powders include a brush, and as long as it is a large soft brush, this is fine too.

Step 5: Get ready

Carefully dip your puff in the powder. If you are using a brush, twirl it in the pot to pick up a little powder.

Step 6: Shake off excess

Gently shake the puff over the pot to get rid of excess powder, or tap the brush on the side of the pot.

Step 7: Apply

Gently press or lightly brush the powder onto the skin.

Step 8: Remove excess

You don't want the powder to make your make up look heavy, so sweep a puff or brush over the face once more, to remove the excess powder. Start with the T zone- that's the forehead and nose- and move outwards to the cheeks, then go from the chin along the jaw line.

Step 9: Reapply

You can retouch your powder throughout the day with a compact. You only need to do this if there's any shininess creeping back.

Step 10: Finishing touches

Add a little colour and contour to the face with some blusher or bronzer