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How To Apply 'Weed And Feed' To Your Lawn

How To Apply 'Weed And Feed' To Your Lawn

How to apply weed and feed to your lawn: professional gardener Rob Scott from Holland Park in London shows you how to apply Weed and Feed to your lawn. Weed and Feed fertilises the lawn and kills weeds, so learn how to apply it properly.

Step 1: You will need

  • Granular or soluble weed and feed for lawns
  • A watering can
  • A broom
  • Wheeled spreader

Step 2: When to apply

Don't mow your lawn for 4 days before applying the mixture. Apply the mix to the lawn on a dry day, but not during periods of drought or frost.

Step 3: Granular weed and feed

If you are applying granular weed and feed, use a wheeled spreader to apply it quickly and evenly. Move the spreader in parallel lines across the lawn, making sure they overlap so the whole lawn is covered. At the end of each line, turn the spreader off while you turn the spreader around so you don't get a build up of mixture at the edge of the lawn which will burn the grass. If this happens, disperse the mixture by spreading it across the grass with a broom.

Step 4: Soluble weed and feed

Soluble weed and feed should be stirred into a watering can of water according to the quantities recommended on the packet. Sprinkle it across the lawn so the whole area is covered.

Step 5: After care

Don't mow your lawn and avoid walking on it for approximately 3 days after applying the mixture. If you are applying granular weed and feed, water your lawn 2 days after applying it if it hasn't rained.