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How To Arrange Christmas Candles

How To Arrange Christmas Candles

Christmas candles are greatly defined by the flower arrangements on its base. In this video, a florist guides you through how to make the candle stand sturdy and come up with a lovely flower design surrounding the candle.

This is a Christmas centrepiece using a candle. Candles such as the church candle have got a very wide base and need to be secured firmly to a foam as this is being used to stop the danger of fire. It's a very easy procedure.

What you do is you take a piece of florist's tape which is a very very tough tape. If you don't have florist tape, you can use electrician's tape. It's just as good and very strong.

You take cocktail sticks and you place them at regular intervals on your piece of tape. You don't want to put it too high up or too low just like that on the center. So, I put this down, I just continue putting my cocktail sticks on the tape and hopefully that will be just about the same as the circumference of the base of the candle.

I then put the tape right down at the very base of the candle because I don't want it to shine and then I gently put luckily just the right number of sticks for this and take any excess tape round again and pinch the cocktail sticks into place just like so, so that it's going to be very secure. If they're any shorter, it wouldn't be sufficient and secure; any longer, it becomes unwieldy. That is just about right and then holding the base, you squeeze slightly, if you've got a limited amount of foam and push down so that it really is, even if it does that, very secure in the foam.

Now, I can arrange my foliage around the candle, out the foam. I take short lengths of tree ivy, my favourite at this time of the year, with its beautiful berries that you can find anywhere in a woodland walk, from the garden, by the riverbank, anywhere you can find it, and I just simply place this in the foam and make a lovely mass buried ivy with its lovely dark green leaf. I place some upwards so that it hides the base of the candle in the mechanics of keeping the cocktail sticks in place and around I go, removing any leaves that would break into the foam because you don't want to make any holes that are unnecessary and that's very easy.

So, there we are, nice little snippets just a mass all the way round. You don't need to mix your foliage. You just use this one foliage for a great effect.

You could also use skimmia if you've got a garden and you've got skimmia growing. That's also a lovely foliage. I have some here which would work very well.

Holly would also be very pleasant and as would box. So, very quick and easy, and ivy is so good-natured and it will last right throughout the Christmas season if you make this at the beginning of December. So, a lovely container such as the one I'm using is a bonus but it could be made of glass, it could be made of, even plastic can sometimes look good.

So once you've got that framework in, you got the candle standing well proud of the foam and you can add your flowers. I've got some glorious cherry brandy roses here and I'm going to cut them short and just take them around and through and you don't need many. Remember to cut above the node which is the place where the leaf comes out of the stem because then the water can travel more easily at the stem to the flowering head.

So I'm just going to cut them short, place them in at varying angles to the center of the foam, 1, 2, 3, 4 and I think I'll just put in 5 as I've got 5. Actually, I've got 6 but 5 will be sufficient for this design. Put them in like that so it's all the way around and then a few spray roses to compliment the form of the round rose.

These little spray roses just look enchanting in between and I will use all the bits. But it gives contrast and subtle variation. So once those are in place, we could put in our final touch and because the theme here is orange which links so well with the container, I decided to use some orange slices that I dried in the oven and they're very very easy to do and I wired two together like this and I can just keep them in the arrangement.

Let me just move this around so I can place a nice slice there. We could add cinnamon sticks to this.