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How To Arrange Flowers

How To Arrange Flowers

In arranging flowers, you can start with a foliage. This video talks about one of the many flower arranging ideas from master florist, Alexandra Lyons.

Hi, my name is Alexandra Lyons and I'm a master florist. I create floral displays for celebrity homes, events, weddings and special occasions. I'm going to share some tips with you on flower arranging.

You need to find a suitable sized container for the length and width of the flowers that you have. That's probably the most important thing because otherwise, the flowers wouldn't look correct. Start with foliage and cut the stems on a slant and place them in the water.

I'm using a knife, you can use scissors. Make sure their leaves are above the water line. This is a very good foliage that lasts a long time so I'm going to mix that in between.

If you have a good base of foliage, you won't need to use so many flowers and those foliage cost money but it doesn't cost twice as much as the flowers do. We still need to decide whether your flowers are going to be front facing or around. Front facing will go on a fireplace or a table, and all around may be dining table or coffee table.

I'm going to start with sedan. It's a good filler and then again I'm cutting the stems on a slant and just place them in the vase. The foliage holds them in place.

This one's going to be slightly front facing. Make sure you take out any damaged leaves. Next, I'm going to add some gerbera.

I've wired these. That will ensure they stay upright in the vase because the head tends to go over. There's nothing to do with the quality or longevity of the flower.

It's just the stems. And I have some calla lilies here and lots of lovely pink roses. Take the weathered petals off the roses.

These are the petals that protect the flowers while it's budding. Again, a really long cut if you can, to expose as much of the stem as possible, and another one there. And this is how to arrange flowers.