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How To Arrange Flowers In A Vase

How To Arrange Flowers In A Vase

If you receive bouquets quite often and don't know what to with them, this video gives you some useful techniques on using them to make lovely floral arrangements in vases and adorn your home.

Hi, my name is Alexandra Lyons. I am a master florist and I create floral displays for celebrity homes, events, weddings and special occasions. I am going to share with you some tips on flower arranging.

I am going to show you how to arrange some flowers in a vase. Well, often, you get a boutique of flowers and don't quite know what to do with this. If it's a hand tied boutique, you can actually leave it as it is and just drop the stems, put them in a super sized container.

I am going to show you how to do an arrangement, a boutique or a hand tied if you want to put it in a particular vase. This one, I am using it as a nice end. Make sure that your vase is clean.

Add some flower food, add some water. Make sure the water is nice and deep. You need to start by adding foliage.

You must cut every stem of the flower or foliage before it goes into water. Up to about 30 seconds, put the flowers in water because in the water, there is no need to cut through because they are sealed, and this is normally the reason why flowers don't last. It's because the stems are sealed.

So, it's very very important to place those around the edge. Adding some feather, the foliage also creates bit of a cage so that you can pick your flowers in and around without shifting them too much. Make sure that when you place your stems in the vase, you take all your leaves off to the branch below the water line because this creates bacteria and shortens the longevity of the flowers.

I will put some wild flowers in it. Woody stems quite often, in light, have a long cut up inside. Backed up was the stem that it's faced and it can drink more water and place some hydrangeas in between.

See, it has already a cage of foliage and flowers appearing. So, they are holding up the flowers up very nicely. It's very nice there.

See, I am cutting every single stem that is going in the water. Some lovely chrisanthemums and put those between the hydrangeas there. Vase is getting full now.

It is moving around a little as well. And some calla lilies in. It's important to change the water everyday especially with the calla lilies.

The stems are very fleshy and they pull bacteria quite quickly and they will end up rotting and the flower head will be okay and you will have no stem at the bottom at all. And I will place a few roses in. You can group if you like them to have with some colors for more impact.

This comes in a lovely shade of green also, going to top these around. It's nearly done. And this is how to arrange flowers in a vase. .