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How To Arrange Roses In A Vase

How To Arrange Roses In A Vase

Here the Flower God shows you how to arrange a dozen yellow roses in a medium vase in under five minutes. Learn how to cut roses under water and to tier roses in a vase.

Step 1: Prepare The Container

You start out with filling a container with warm water.

Step 2: Add The Greens

These are your greens, and a variety of greens just adds that much more attraction to a bouquet.
What we're going to do is, this is called lacie--leather fern. You buy this like at the flower shops. Or you can buy them from your growers in town--your local growers.
And what we're doing is lacing the stems in and out. And you'll put them in water, in your vase.
And different greens really add a lot to a bouquet. Fall season, all the holidays, you can do something like this with.
This is one of my favorites right here. This is seeded "euc,"eucalyptus. It just adds that frill to your bouquet, a little cascading over the edge of your vases.

Step 3: Prepare The Roses

Now we've got it green, we're going to insert our flowers, your roses.
What you want to do is make sure the thorns are off the bottom. You can take a knife, pull your thorns off.
Make sure the leaves are taken off that's going to be in the water. What that does is contaminate the water. That's where your vases get pretty green.
Always cut roses under water. Get your bowl and cut your stems under water.

Step 4: Insert The Roses

We're going to start out with, probably, the perfect rose. Right at the top. You want something nice and tall and straight.
Then you're going to come down just a little bit to another level.
Now we're going to do the next level. The next level is going to have 4 roses. And what you do on one side is you're going to do on the other side. And this gives your shape for your bouquet of roses. You can also, if you're talented, you can do it with two hands.
And what you're doing is go up and down just a few inches for each layer of roses.

Step 5: Fill In The Blank Spots

And now on your last row you're going to just fill in any blank spots. It's best to keep turning the bouquet so you know where your flowers should be adjusted to.

Step 6: Add The Filler

Now we're going to go in with the filler. This is going to give it that real autumn look.
This is safflower. You can get this in different colors. There's oranges, bright oranges, yellows. This is just going to accent, give you a little more accent to your roses and to your folds. You can just add it. And it doesn't take a lot of filler, just a few sleeves, just, like I said, just some accent.
And again, keep rotating your bouquet so you have everything adjusted the way you want it.
And there it is.