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How To Attach A Collar

How To Attach A Collar

Sewing a collar seems easy with this tutorial video on how to attach a collar. And with great tips, too, you can make that collar sewn correctly and properly.

I'm going to show you how to attach a collar. What do we need for it? Of course, a prepared collar, that's how it would look like. Then, you need already your garment, in this case, I have all prepared a blouse, everything is already attached.

And the blouse is only sewn on the shoulders. No side seams, they are still open. That's a hint from me to you, it is much easier if you do so.

Line up my two middle parts and pin. And I'm going for, toward, unto the first front and we have here on the blouse, a notch and also on the collar is a notch. This shows me where these two pieces need to line up.

Then, this part here, as you can see, I have notched this a little bit deeper, then press it in. This is exactly the shoulder part, you see, this lines up exactly with the shoulder seam. That's my next pin.

This is a little bit tricky because these are two curves and I have to join them. This is the first half of the collar. Now, I take this facing back, folded exactly where I ironed it.

Take the pins out and re-pin. Now, if everything is correct, this shoulder part should again line up with this shoulder seam, well, it does. Whatever I've done on the one side, I have to do also to the other side.

And that's the way how it looks like when you pin the collar correctly onto the blouse. This one seam I'm closing now, the neck - important, after this seam, you check if you have sewn any pleats inside. It could happen that you catch some, then please open it.

It will show on the right side. In this case, everything is okay. The next part is that you need to notch the seam allowance and only the seam allowance.

Now, this little part here goes into the collar. Pin this down, and all the way the edge, you close with a seam. Now, you flip the facing. .