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How To Audition For A Game Show

How To Audition For A Game Show

Our guide helps you get through the audition process for a game show, hopefully helping you to gain a chance to hit the jackpot on the air.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • Great Attitude
  • Skills to play the game
  • Free Time

Step 2: Find Your Favorite Show…

You've played it on your sofa a hundred times- now it's time to find out how your favorite game show finds its cast. The best way to get on an established game show is to go to its website. Usually, they will give you detailed instructions and a schedule for when they will be in your area.

Step 3: ...Or Get in on the Ground Floor

Another option is to try to find a new show. Fresh game shows are always in development, and are constantly looking for casts for their pilots and early episodes. One catch: most will only cast contestants who will already be in New York or Los Angeles. The best way to find out about auditions for new game shows is through Craigslist.com, actor breakdowns if you have access to them, or network websites.

Step 4: Come Correct

Whether it's an old standby or a new show, would-be contestants are given a date and time to come to the production offices or studio. When you do, be sure to dress nicely, as for a job interview. Yes, they want real people.. no, they don't want them scary-real.

Step 5: Practice at Home

If you're auditioning for a show that's on the air, take a few nights and play along with the show. Make sure you're familiar with the rules and the format, and can match or come close to the performance of the contestants.

Step 6: The Written Test

The first thing you'll probably be asked to do is sign an agreement and take a written test. The test uses questions or problems similar to those on the show, and is designed to make sure you have the basic skills to play the game.

Step 7: The Personality Test

If you pass the written test, you'll go on to the Personality Test. This generally consists of a taped interview with one or more casting agents. She'll prompt you with the old "Tell me about yourself." Now what she really means is, "Tell me something super quirky and memorable that will make you stick out from the gazillions of contestants I have to listen to. And tell me in an enthusiastic way that holds my interest." A good auditionee will have prepared a great story to tell. An unusual occupation is good, with fun anecdotes to back it up. If you've got a humdrum job, mine your hobbies or education. or instance, a stock analyst is a drag-- but a stock analyst who is the captain of a synchronized swimming team is someone I'd like to meet. And so will the home audience.

Step 8: The Mock Game

If all goes well and you pass the personality test, you will be asked to play a mock version of the game. Generally, these are played with a handful of other contestants under very casual conditions. Roll with it, keep smiling, and play your heart out. It's not about winning, it's about enthusiasm and showing that you can keep up.

Step 9: The Final Cut

Some shows may decide who they want to cast then and there. Other shows may give contestants they like a "call-back"-- another audition for the higher-ups. In either case, VideoJug is rooting for you. Put it all on green, use us as your lifeline, and go for case 32. Or just follow the instincts that got you there to claim your valuable cash and prizes. Good luck!