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How To Avoid A Battery Explosion

How To Avoid A Battery Explosion

I will show you one of the most dangerous batteries and what can happen if you are not careful.

Step 1: Lithium Polymer Batteries

What does this RC plane, this car, this helicopter and this storm launcher all have in common? They all use the most dangerous battery in the world, Lithium Polymer. I will show you what can happen with this batteries in a second, but first a couple of safety tips for using lithium polymer batteries.

Step 2: Safety Tips

Only use a charger designed specifically to charge the specific lithium polymer battery. Never charge lithium polymer batteries unattended. Do not overcharge lithium polymer batteries. Never attempt to charge a lithium polymer battery at a faster rate than recommended. If the battery becomes too hot to the touch during charging switch off immediately. Always store lithium polymer batteries in a safe place, like a metal box.

Step 3: The Danger Of Misuse

Now I will show what can happen to a lithium polymer battery if overcharged or misused.
This shows that Lithum Polymer is the world's most dangerous battery.