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How To Avoid Kissing

How To Avoid Kissing

How to prevent someone from kissing you. If you are ever in the position where you don't want to kiss someone, use the techniques within this video to refuse!!

Step 1: Background To Kissing

There seems to be a lot of it in the world. Everywhere you look there are people telling you to kiss. And not just to kiss, but who to kiss, when to kiss, how to kiss and so on. But there are some times when you don't want to kiss. Which is why we, at how-to-kiss.net, bring you How to Avoid Kissing.

Step 2: Scenario

Here's a common scene. At the end of the day, the boy is dropping the girl off at her house. It is inevitable that he will try to kiss and she does not want to do so. This is the very most awkward part of the night. What can she do?

Step 3: Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is very effective for use on attackers and, in this case, unwanted kissers. A few quick blasts to the eyes, nose, mouth or even ear canal can dispatch someone rather quickly.

However, sometimes a can of pepper spray isn't readily available and a smart girl must make do with whatever is around. Now let's say there's no pepper spray alternative around. The boy is looking very eager to kiss the girl. Very eager indeed. What else can she do?

Step 4: Louisville Slugger Bat

Louisville Slugger has been manufacturing bats for some time. I daresay a hundred or so years, give or take. They are made of the finest woods and perfectly shaped for easy gripping and swinging.

One swift shot to the man parts with this Slugger will knock an eagerly kissing boy senseless. However, sometimes a Louisville Slugger isn't available but a smart girl will make do with something else. Let's see that again. My, that's smart.

Step 5: Tampons

We've arrived at the final way to avoid kissing someone. With no pepper spray and no Louisville Slugger readily available a girl must resort to the one thing that every boy is afraid of. Tampons. Mission accomplished. And that is how to avoid kissing. Please visit how-to-kiss.net for more information on how to and how not to kiss.