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How To Avoid Mess When Applying Liquid Eyeliner

How To Avoid Mess When Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Here's a guide to applying liquid eyeliner effectively and without making a mess. See how the professional makeup artists apply their own liquid eyeliner with this easy step by step guide.

Step 1: You will need

  • Liquid Eyeliner
  • makeup Remover
  • cotton pad

Step 2: Choose your eyeliner

Eyeliner is excellent for framing and defining the eyes. Liquid eyeliner can give more precision than pencil liner, and can be longer lasting.
Choose a colour that works well with the eye shadow you will be using.

Step 3: When to apply

Liquid eyeliner is great for creating a more defined line, but to do this it should be applied over the eye shadow.

Step 4: Prepare

Open the liner, make sure that the liquid is spread evenly, wipe off any excess or clumps.

Step 5: Assume the position

Rest your elbow on a sturdy surface to steady your hand.
You can also rest your wrist against your face. Don't pull on your eye lid, it will stretch the skin, and the line you draw won't follow the curve of the lid when it's not stretched.

Step 6: Start at the top

Start the line in the centre of your eyelash line on your upper eyelid. Pull the liner along the eye so you follow the natural curve of your lash line. Use small connected dashes getting thicker towards the outer corner of the eye.
Liquid eyeliner is particularly useful to make a small flick at the outer corners of the eyes. This can make the eyes seem more open.
If you have large eyes, you can try drawing the line right from the inner corner of your eye.

Step 7: The Lower lid

Once you have done the upper lid, take a good look. Liquid eyeliner is very heavy, in most cases, far too heavy to put on the lower lid.

Step 8: Practice

Liquid eyeliner can be difficult to get right. It is also difficult to make exactly the same on both eyes. You just have to practice lots when you have time, it is not a skill that can be hurried. Beginners should start with a very fine line. If you do make a mistake, you should to clean it all off, and start again