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How To Baste A Turkey

How To Baste A Turkey

Matt demonstrates how easy it is to baste a turkey. You just need to roast the turkey in the oven and remove it approximately every half hour to spoon the juices over the top.

Hi there, I'm Matt from the Underground Cookery School and today, I'm going to do a video cookery lesson for you. I'm going to show you how to baste a turkey. Now, the turkey's been roasting away in the oven for probably about an hour.

Well, even longer actually, maybe an hour and a half. What I did to begin with was stuff it with lots of lovely things, cooked it upside down because you want the bottom to be nice and crispy as well, and you want all the fat in the bird to drip through the breast. But, it still needs a bit more cooking.

And what I'm going to do - basting is really just ensuring that it just stays nice and moist by covering it in its own pan juices, which is what I'm doing here. So, just give it a really nice grease or a baste, and that will then go back in. I think the other thing, I would say about turkey is you want to cook it to almost perfection, and then when you take it out of the oven, let it rest fifteen or twenty minutes before cooking it, and that will ensure that you get the perfectly cooked turkey, because it will of course, carry on cooking when it comes out of the oven.

People are worried it's going to stop cooking and go cold immediately. Enormous great thing, there's still a little bit of cooking time left in there. But that is just what I've been doing there, it's how to baste a turkey.

So, now that you've seen me baste a turkey, literally just spooning the pan juices over the bird, that's going to go straight back in the oven and cook probably for another three-quarters of an hour. Well, you can baste the turkey as often as you'd like, once every half-hour ought to do it, but now you know how to baste a turkey! .