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How To Bat In Baseball Like A Pro

How To Bat In Baseball Like A Pro

VideoJug presents a video with some simple steps teaching you how to hit like a major league player batting in baseball like a professional.

Step 1: Get A Grip

Grip the bat by wrapping your fingers around the base, align the middle knuckles of your top hand between the middle and lower knuckles on your bottom hand.
You can choke up on the bat for speed, most people choke up about an inch or two from the bottom.
You want to hold the bat firmly with your bottom hand but don't tighten your wrist too much or you'll lose bat speed.

Step 2: In The Zone

You'll want to bend you knees slightly to put you a little closer to the strike zone. The strike zone is the area a ball must pass through to be called a strike by an umpire. The strike zone is the width of home plate and extends from the bottom of the batter's kneecaps to the upper torso.
Some players like to crouch way down, it's all a matter of what feels comfortable to you.
Hold your bat between 5-7 inches from your torso but make sure if feels comfortable for you. Hold your hands up around the letters on your uniform with your elbows out.

Step 3: Swinger

As the pitcher is going through his windup you'll want to concentrate on the release point. This will give you an indication of what type of ball is coming your way. As soon as you see that ball you'll want to start your stride with your leg. Keep your arms and hands at the same level as you begin your swing. Always focus on the ball as you uncoil your body, pivot your hips, and your bottom hand should pull the bat around as your top hand guides it towards the ball.