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How To Bathe A Guinea Pig

How To Bathe A Guinea Pig

This is a demonstration of how to gently bathe and take care of pet guinea pigs to keep them clean and healthy.

Guinea pigs should be bathed at least 4 to 5 times a year to help prevent and protect them from any fungal or parasitic problems. Choose a suitable guinea pig shampoo. There are many on the market but the best one is Gorgeous Guineas range suitable for these skin issues.

They're perfect for the guinea pig's sensitive skin and they also smell fantastic. If your guinea pig is suffering from any other health issues non-related to skin problems, get your vet's advice first before you bathe your guinea pig as this could be a problem during the process. However, if you're just doing a regular bath, you can use one of the Gorgeous Guineas range.

So, you need a couple of towels for the bathing. Ideally, you need at least two tubs for your guinea pigs to be in. You need one which is the dirty one for them to start off with, place a comfy towel in there and pop your pigs in there.

You need a clean one for the guinea pigs to go into after they've been bathed. It's really important that the accommodation is completely cleaned before the guinea pigs go back in there and that means you must use a pet disinfectant as one of the main reasons for guinea pigs getting parasitic or fungal problems is also if they're on poor quality bedding. So now, bathe your guinea pig and if your guinea pig hasn't had a bath before, they might find it rather strange and might be a little bit wriggly so try and keep them calm and relaxed.

The best option is to use a bath with a shower and not on top of the edge. You can use and mix it up as well. If using a shower, make sure that you have taken the end off so you just want the hose section left.

This is so the water pressure is quite gentle and it's not such a scary experience for the guinea pigs. You can place a towel in the base of the bath so that when the guinea pigs are moving, they have something to grip onto. So, turn the water on and make sure you have got a warm temperature.

Keep your hand in between whilst you're using the water to keep the temperature range. Introduce the sound of the water and then pop into the bath. Hold your guinea pig in a little bit of an angle so the water can drain off quite easily.

You may want to have two people sometimes but if you're able to do it after a few times, you'll find it quite easy. Make sure you are getting everywhere wet on the guinea pig including the head and the ears area. You may need to just wet your hand and gently wipe the water around her face.

Damp your guinea pig all the way to the sides, underneath and then use your shampoo. Make sure you put a warm amount on her back, really work this into the guinea pig, lather her up completely and make sure you do go underneath and around the ears because ear mites and some things can travel to this area. Just gently put some of the foam around her face and around her nose.

Make sure with the product you're using, you follow the instructions. Place her into the tub and she'll sit there for around 1 to 5 minutes. Make sure you are doing it in a warm room because it is going to be quite a chilly experience for them.

Wait for around 5 minutes and this is what the instructions have guided us through with the product. Now, the guinea pig is ready to be rinsed. Place her on the towel.

Do talk to them gently if it's their first time as it is quite scary for them. When it comes to the face, just get some water on your hand and make sure you are just rinsing this off well. You could also use a damp cloth to help do this.

So once you've finished rinsing her off, gently squeeze off any excess water and then we want to get a little towel and wrap her up. Once we've taken the damp water off, place them in the tub that you have prepared ready for them being a clean guinea pig. This is the time where they can just sit and relax in this little tub and also place some sort of nibbles and healthy treats to help them feel less stressed.

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