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How To Be A Beautiful Redhead

How To Be A Beautiful Redhead

There's a reason stop signs are red: you can't miss them. The same can be said for gorgeous redheads. They're just plain stunning. But if you're not among the two percent of people born with flaming locks, you need the sound advice and tips in this film...or your attempt to look like Julianne Moore may leave you resembling Ronald McDonald.

Step 1: Red Readiness

Red is stunning...on the right woman. Find out if you're one of them by considering your personality, your skin tone and the condition of your hair. Red hair is rare and not for those who want to blend in with the crowd. If you don't mind being the center of attention, you may be ready for red. But it takes more than attitude to pull off red hair; it also takes the right skin tone. You don't have to have Nicole Kidman's porcelain doll complexion to be a ravishing redhead, but a little pink in the cheeks certainly helps. Women with golden or olive skin will have a tough time finding a flattering shade. Finally, red hair dye is more sensitive than any other color. If your hair's not in good condition, it just won't take properly.

Step 2: The Right Red For You

From ginger to cinnamon, auburn to scarlet, reds are resplendent when they enhance your complexion and eyes. The following tips will help you find the right red for you. Fair ladies with blue or green eyes should opt for warm, soft reds. A woman with a creamy complexion and dark eyes can handle medium red or auburn. Natural blondes desiring flaming locks should opt for clear, cool shades.

Step 3: Ration Your Red

A little red goes a long way. If you're a color-virgin, you may want to try some reddish highlights before taking the full plunge. Most brunettes will reveal red tones within minutes of applying any color or bleach or color, so opt for auburn shades. This is even more important if you're coloring your hair at home. Avoid boxes with labels like "deep red" or "eggplant". You could end up bright red or purple. Instead look for color labels like strawberry blonde, ginger, reddish brown, copper or mahogany.

Step 4: Red Responsibilities

Red hair color oxidizes quickly - which means red fades faster than any other hair color. To avoid this beauty tragedy, use shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair and rinse with cool or tepid water. Use styling products with a U-V filter to extend the life of your color. Still, you'll need touch-ups every four to eight weeks, depending on the color of your red. A to-go kit from your colorist can help keep you fiery between trips to the salon.

Step 5: Rock Your Red!

Take a look at the hottest redheads in Hollywood - their hair is their best accessory. Let your hair highlight your eyes. Dark, smoky eyes compete with flaming hair; keep your makeup simple. Being a ravishing redhead is now within your reach.