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How To Be A Beauty Queen

How To Be A Beauty Queen

Learn about the origins of Miss Great Britain and what it means nowadays to be a beauty queen. It's not just about exterior beauty; a beauty queen has to have outstanding morals, elegance, femininity and class.

Hi, I'm Liz Fuller. I'm the new boss at Miss Great Britain and a previous winner from 1997 and for the last 13 years, I've been working as a T.V.

presenter and producer at I.T.V.

and Channel 5. Today though, I'm going to be giving you advice on the beauty pageant world. So, how to be a beauty queen: well, firstly we need to work out what a beauty queen is.

A beauty queen is somebody nowadays that is a good role model inside and out, and obviously is a beautiful person. Beauty queens in the past though have been very different. For instance, Miss Great Britain started in 1945, and it had been created because there had been this bathing competition already in America.

Now, Miss Great Britain was invented so that…all the women had been working in the factories and we'd lost a lot of men in the Second World War. So therefore, it was a way of Great Britain injecting a little bit of glamour, a little bit of escapism from the doldrums of the previous years, and it was about celebrating femininity again. So being a beauty queen back then was very different.

It was about really kind of enjoying your femininity, wearing glamorous clothes, wearing those tights again with the line down the back, and it was very different. And being a beauty queen back then really did mean finding a unique starlet. So for instance, in the early 50's, Miss Great Britain discovered Violet Pretty.

Violet Pretty went to Hollywood, we changed her name to Anne Hayward, and she became Golden Globe nominated, and I think winner, for The Fox, which was one of the films back then. So, a beauty queen was really about finding someone unique and the next starlet. Over the last few years, it has changed.

Miss Great Britain did go through the years of it being linked to a bit more being a Glamour Model and Zoo and Nuts Magazine and Loaded and very much kind of men's magazines. Now, we've reinvented it. We've taken Miss Great Britain back to its early days and how to be a beauty queen; it really is about finding somebody.

And a beauty queen is about elegance and poise and femininity and class, and it really is not just about beautiful on the outside. And that's what everybody thinks it is. It's not; it's about finding a good role model.

So if you want to be a beauty queen, make sure that you're a good person, you have good morals, you don't have any skeletons in your closet, and that you really can shine inside and out. Good luck. .