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How To Be A Brilliant English Teacher

How To Be A Brilliant English Teacher

English can be a difficult subject to teach, but this video from VideoJug will show you how to be brilliant at it. Learn different ways and techniques that will help you and your students master the language.

Hi. I'm Carolina Massie from Greater London Tutors and I'm going to give you some information on how to teach certain subjects. This is a basic guide on how to be a brilliant English teacher.

So it's really important to be passionate about your subject. If you can show that you're passionate, that passion can then be communicated to your students. It's important to show the uses of English whether it be to go onto a career in journalism or marketing.

Obviously, it's important to have knowledge of your subject, of English, and be up to date. It doesn't matter if you don't know everything and the more you're willing to learn from your students, the more willing they are going to be to learn from you. You can encourage mistakes, because mistakes are a great way, a great starting point from which to learn.

Be professional and be creative. Find as many different ways to approach the subject and keep it fresh and interesting. Show your students how to study English effectively, teaching them the devices and tools that they need.

Whether it be literary devices or different ways for them to know how to analyze English language and writing, it's important to set appropriate targets and goals and clear tasks suitable for their age range and their knowledge. Try to stay relaxed and be easy going because that confidence is something that the students will respond to. Anticipate any misconceptions that they might have, it's the first time that they're approaching the subject and demonstrate empathy towards those mistakes and misconceptions.

Keep track of their development by assessing them informally and formally. And always give constructive feedback on the results of these assessments. Encourage students to think for themselves and to explore English as much as they want to and in as many ways as they can.

Use a multi-sensory approach, so use as many different tools as you can whether they be audio or visual, as well as using current text that are suitable for their level. There are plenty of resources online where students can find information that is useful for them, whether it be Sparknotes, Bitesize or just looking at the newspapers online and all literary texts. So this is a guide on how to be a brilliant English teacher. .