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How To Be A Football Goalkeeper

How To Be A Football Goalkeeper

Matt Dilworth is a Saturday league goalkeeper, and runs his own Sunday league side. In this video, he teaches the basics of how to be a football goalkeeper. This includes short shots and reaction saves. He teaches the importance of diving, stretching when diving, and how to do it. He also teaches that as a goalkeeper you have to be commanding and vocal.

Hi, my name is Matt Dilworth. I am a Saturday Intermediate League goalkeeper, and I also run and manage my own Sunday league side, and today I am going to take you through some footballing basics to help get you started. How to be a football goalkeeper.

Goalkeepers are sometimes thought of as the most valuable part of a football team. You are the last line of defense and when all else fails, the team looks upon you to stop the ball from entering the goal. There are many different aspects to being a goalkeeper.

To start with, we are going to focus on short shots and reaction saves. These are when the ball is going to be in and around your body, and you are going to be expected to react quickly, and gather the ball in safely to stop the ball entering the goal. Another important aspect of goal keeping is being able to dive, and save the ball.

Obviously when a shot is heading towards the corner you are going to be expected to get across, make a full stretch save, and either hold the ball or tip it, and push it away. It is important that when you do dive you make yourself as big as possible, and you get yourself as stretched out as far as you can. If you do not make yourself big, the goal becomes a bigger target, and you are making life easier for the striker.

A very important part of being a goalkeeper is commanding your penalty area, and this includes coming for crosses. It is important that as a keeper you are very vocal, and that your whole defense has got a bit of confidence in you. When a cross is coming in the air, if it is surrounding the six yard box or in that sort of area, you are going to be expected to come and claim it.

It is important that you make yourself very big, very strong, and very vocal. A great big shout of keepers will sometimes put their attackers off-goal for the ball, allowing you an easier claim. It is important that you get a big spring, get nice and high, and get your hands fully beyond the ball with a good grip, claim it, bring it into your chest, and then look to distribute out quickly. .