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How To Be An Effective Teacher

How To Be An Effective Teacher

To be an effective teacher is quite a career challenge. But it is very much attainable of a goal. In this video, a teacher talks you through knowing the key things to hold on to, acknowledging what you have yet to learn and developing better class management and teaching methods to help you become an effective teacher.

How to be an effective teacher? This is quite a difficult question because you, personally, are going to be a very different teacher to maybe another teacher, and even in different schools, teachers are all going to be different. But there are a few key things that are really worth holding on to when you're becoming a teacher. Firstly, you're dealing with people all day, everyday and everybody's different.

People learn in really different ways and it's really important when you're teaching, to try and hold on to that. You might find that one way of explaining it catches some children but not others, so try to think, when you're teaching, about portraying information in lots of different ways. Think about how you could convey information kinesthetically, orally and visually so it really supports your teaching and allows access for lots of different children.

Obviously, management is really important - classroom management, behaviour management. Mostly, if you run a lovely positive classroom where the good things are rewarded, this usually works as a much better method than perhaps being really hard on children when they're doing the wrong thing. So, try and encourage positivity in your classroom rather than being negative on children.

Becoming an effective teacher is something that comes over time, and with more experience, you'll become more comfortable at teaching and become more effective, and it's constantly up and down. Some days will go brilliantly and some days, it won't. But the days it doesn't, hopefully you can learn from that and develop and try and get those good days more and more often.

And hopefully, these are few tips that help you become an effective teacher. .