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How To Be Ladylike

How To Be Ladylike

Being ladylike doesn't mean being girly, weak and submissive - you must show intelligence, inner strength and impeccable manners. If that sounds a little too much for you don't worry, Videojug's here to show you how to be graceful, gracious and get what you want.

Step 1: Dress the part

Channel you inner glamour queen: think Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly and Natalie Portman. Your clothes must fit, show off your shape, and be spotlessly clean and pressed, so out with the jeans, sloppy tees and Uggs and in with the skirts and high heels. Don't display too much flesh, and for jimini's sake, wear knickers - koochy flashing is not a ladylike pastime.

Grooming is also crucial - in every area. Nails, hair and make up have to be immaculate. It's high maintenance, but as Helena Rubinstein said, 'there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.'

Step 2: Encourage Chivalry

When you are with your young gentleman, hold back a little as you approach the door, this will force him to open it, then naturally hold it open for you. Remember to thank him demurely as you go through.

When it comes to sitting down, use the same tactic. If he takes his chair without holding yours out, stand just long enough for him to notice his mistake, then sit, keeping your knees together at all times of course. Smile, sulking is for petulant teenagers, he will be relieved you have brushed over his embarrassment and won't forget again.

Step 3: Talk the talk

All your good work could come undone if your mouth runs away with you, a lady doesn't divulge too much about herself or talk coarsely about the latest positions in bed. Only swear if you absolutely must, try replacing offensive words with words like 'Drat', or 'Heavens to Betsy'.

Listen carefully and flatter him when appropriate. Never play dumb, if you don't agree with his opinions say so, but with a smile as you state your reasons to curb getting drawn into an argument.

Don't slouch, fidget, or drink too much - it's not a good look.

Ultimately the key to being treated and respected as a lady is to be cool, calm and in control at all times. And it takes a lot of balls to pull that off.