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How To Be More Enthusiastic

How To Be More Enthusiastic

If you're feeling bored and uninspired, then this technique might help lift your spirits up. A life coach talks you through on how to be more enthusiastic and positive about the world.

Hello, I'm Sarah Lloyd-Hughes from Ginger Training and Coaching, and today I'd like to give you a bite-size coaching technique on personal development. If you would like any more information about my self or my company, please visit go-ginger.com.

We all have times when we find it difficult to be enthusiastic. Generally speaking, it goes something like this. One day, everything's perfect, you've just managed to get something done that was really important.

People around you compliment you and you're on a high of enthusiasm. When we're in those moments, anything is possible. But then, if you're anything like me, you will experience that what goes up must come down.

So, how do you keep your enthusiasm when it seems that nothing around you is worth being enthusiastic about? Well, I have a couple of very quick tips for you from the life-coaching world. First of all, understand that what you focus on is how you see the world. If you see things as boring and uninspiring and all the same, then your brain will stereotype it and find all the evidence it needs to support your case.

And if you see things as interesting, different, ever changing and exciting, your brain will find evidence for that too. That's why one person will see losing their job is a good thing and another person will see losing that same job as a disaster. You choose your view on the world.

Now, if you watch some of my other videos, you'll know that I like to give practical techniques for you to take away. So, here's a very quick way to practice building a positive view of the world and therefore, more enthusiasm. You are going to need a pen and a shiny white sheet of paper.

This is what I call the Thank You List. Write down all the things in your life that you have to feel grateful for. Think about the people in your life, the things, your own qualities, achievements, your environment, your opportunities, keep writing until the page is bursting.

Now, read down the list out loud and after each item, say thank you. As you say thank you, hold in mind whoever needs thanking for it. What you're doing here is turning your mind towards the parts of your life that bring energy rather than the bits that suck it away.

Positive psychology says that thankfulness is important for wellbeing in general and my experience is that people who are more enthusiastic, like and appreciate things in life more. This is a great exercise to do in one of those happiness dips. Every time I've done it with a coaching client, they've left energized, positive and more enthusiastic about their world.

I hope it helps you. And if you'd like to do more exercises like that with me, head on over to the Ginger website at go-ginger.com.

I look forward to seeing you there. .