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How To Be The Office Hero

How To Be The Office Hero

This film shows you how to become the hero at your office. Be more popular and respected at work with VideoJug's help!

Step 1: Know people's names

No one likes to feel invisible and even a simple thing like remembering someone's name can make them feel singled out and special. Highest rewards in the 'aren't I a great person' stakes are reaped from remembering those far below you in the work place status. Clapping Fabian the post-boy on the shoulder and loudly congratulating him on the birth of his son Fabian Jnr will leave little doubt in the minds of onlookers that you really are a great guy. Of course you can't be expected to actually remember every tom or Fabian so compile a file on your personal hard drive with some key facts about each of your colleagues: children's names, recent holiday, and previous ailments. It will look like you care.

Step 2: Be the tribe leader

...Even if you're not the boss. Be the guy that everyone comes to for help and advice- be it a broken printer or a painful paper cut. But don't go too far, being able to fix something with a quick knock is impressive, being the guy with his arse stuck out from under a desk stops being charming pretty quickly.

Step 3: Positioning

The corner furthest away from the office entrance is ideal because it's tucked away and provides a daily opportunity to greet everyone by name as you walk in the morning. Try and make it a place of interest and recreation. Equip it with chocolate, staplers, strange gadgets to play with and a comfy chair.

Step 4: Be nice, but not too nice

Smile; it says to people ‘you make me happy'. Don't do it excessively, that will make you seem like you have something to hide. If you're in a position of responsibility you ought to be honest about people's work. Should you tell them it's good when it's clearly not, they will suffer later and hold you responsible for not giving it to them straight. Good work should be rightfully appreciated and complimented. Make your employees and colleagues feel important. Not only will they feel better and you become more popular, they will likely continue to do good work and even try harder.
Try to be constructive. Helping someone become better at their job, even if you're a little hard, will ultimately be rewarding for the both of you. But it's not necessary to go overboard with disparaging comments. Finally, don't complain. No-one likes a whining, moaning, complaining hypochondriac.

Step 5: Be a leader

Role-models, mentors and leaders are not perfect. It is the flaws, in fact, that help people empathies with them. Talk about your own mistakes before bringing up other people's mistakes. Don't be too proud. Leaders inspire, motivate and encourage.
If you're keen on being the office hero a little bit of rebellion can go a long way, so long as it's not often and doesn't compromise your bosses or the company. Leader's often break a few rules to get the job done. Finally - lead on a social level too. See if you can persuade the office to close early once in awhile so everyone can go to the pub. Everyone, bosses included, will likely appreciate the excuse to get away.