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How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend

How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend

Being the perfect boyfriend can be a bit of a challenge, but here's how it's done! Be the perfect boyfriend with VideoJug's helpful suggestions and you'll never let your partner down again!

Step 1: Listen to her

Girls like to talk a lot, about things you don't really understand such as shopping, makeup, and feelings. It's important to seem interested no matter how confused you are because girls value communication above all things. If you do lose the thread, and she suddenly demands a response, here are a few phrases that may come in useful: "What an interesting story!" or "I can't believe it, tell me again- in more detail" or if all else fails- "oh sorry, I was just thinking about how much I love you."

Step 2: Love her friends and family

No matter how great you think you are, you're not the only person in her life. Her family and friends are also important to her. Remember key facts about them, such as their names - so you avoid saying things like 'oh her, the fat one with the hair'

Try and make them your friends too. This way, when you screw up and she runs crying to them, you've got someone on the inside. Remember hell hath no fury like a woman's friends.

Step 3: Be a man

In the olden days, it was all about be a mans man, then it was briefly about being a woman's man, now its about being the perfect man. The operative word here is 'man'.
Sure you can carry her bag, open doors, and pump iron,
But can you be supportive and facilitate her ability to achieve? Has she got a new job? Give her a call. Has she written a poem? Read it. And if she's afraid of the dark? Be the one who turns on the light.

Step 4: In the bedroom

When it comes to bedtime, and matters of the night you need to be play your woman like a piano - you can play a soft sonata, some freeform jazz, or a drive time power ballad. Whatever song she's in the mood for, play it well and you're bound to get an encore.

Step 5: Surprise her

Take her out for dinner! Buy her some flowers! If it's been a good month treat her to a mini-break! This last option is fantastic, as it gives her ample opportunity to reward you.

Step 6: Be hygienic

The perfect man is the wind beneath her wings not the wind beneath the duvet. Be respectful, contain and disguise your bodily odours. She does it, why can't you?
Shower regularly, always brush your teeth and stay well groomed.

Top Tip: Deodorant is for after the shower, not instead of it.

Step 7: Be faithful

If you're with this girl it's for a reason, decide early if you're serious about her, and then never ever mess around.

Step 8: Done

Have fun with your girlfriend.