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How To Bead Crochet

How To Bead Crochet

Once you know how to crochet you can start adding beads to your designs. In this step by step guide Bee Cling, crochet tutor at Makedomenders, shows you how to crochet a rope with a three bead pattern, in a simple helix.

You Will Need

  • needle
  • plastic bag
  • 1.75 crochet hook
  • 4 mm pony beads, different colours
  • no. 5 crochet pearl thread


Thread the beads in a sequence of six onto a fine crochet thread using the needle. Place the beads and the yarn in a plastic bag with a hole in the corner, and have the beaded yarn coming out the hole.

Set up the crochet in the normal way, with a slip knot on the hook. This is a six bead sequence, so take the first six beads and push them up the yarn. Take the first bead and make your first chain, doing it relatively loosely. Keep making a chain with each bead of the sequence.

Hook under the first bead of the sequence and flick it with your right forefinger over to the right hand side, then bring up the first bead of the next sequence, and pushing that to the right, slip stitch the bead on. Repeat with subsequent beads.