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How To Become A Catalog Model

How To Become A Catalog Model

Interested in becoming a catalog model? This VideoJug will tell you everything you need to know about commercial modelling!

Hi, my name is Renee Barca. I work at IMM Model Agency. I'm going to speak to you about how the modelling industry works.

I'm going to explain to you how to become a catalog model. To define what a catalog model is, it's a very commercial, cheesy, smiley, type model. These are the sort of models that you see on different catalogs that you get from high-end fashion shoots from things like Top Shop through to little things like Tescos.

A catalog model needs to be very similar looking to regular people on the street, so therefore we don't go for a real high fashion look here. We like girls to be at least 5 foot 7, quite attractive but not too attractive so that people feel threatened by their beauty, and we like to have people who have beautiful smiles and nice teeth. When it comes to men for catalog modelling, again we like to go for people who aren't too attractive and too well body defined, therefore they don't threaten the viewers who will be looking at these pages.

What the viewers want to see is someone who they can imagine themselves dress in similar clothing, therefore we can't use too pretty people because people will feel a bit threatened. So, for men, we would get a 6-foot model who has got a nice shaped body but not too well defined, who again has a very nice smile and teeth. The reason we go for a nice smile and nice teeth is because in every catalog, they always need to have a smiley picture of the models.

How to become a catalog model is you need to approach commercial type agencies, these can go through to anybody from Rage to IMM to MOT and other catalog type modelling agencies. These agencies focus with clients who deal with a lot more commercial-based clients, therefore you could even get into TV with these agencies as well. The sort of look that they are looking for here is again, as I mentioned earlier, nice teeth and not too attractive.

To get into the agency, you need to make an appointment with them and organize a time that you can walk in and meet with somebody who represents the agency. A person with the agency will come and meet with you and will explain to you what sort of modelling you want to get into and see whether or not you have the right look for them. It's always good to have a portfolio with you when you approach these agencies to show that you are good at doing the different types of work that they are offering you.

As silly as it sounds, something like holding a cup of tea and smiling can get you a job with somebody, as opposed to just showing up with nothing on your hands. The type of portfolio you should have for a commercial agency interview is very smiley, very cheesy and just doing everyday things. Obviously, some pictures that show off your figure is a good idea but not essential.

We just want to see things with you running in the park, drinking some tea, talking on a mobile, lots of stuff that you have interaction with other people, just to show that you can work well with the camera. The best way to do this is to get in touch with different photographers. You can find some great photographers online who are happy to work for free so long as you get to work for free with them as well.

Some photographers do charge money and this is very normal, don't be scared off by that and they charge roughly about 160 pounds and you get five prints from them. Think of the portfolio as your CV, it's something we need to look at to prove that you can do the work that you want to go for. With all of this, this is the best way to become a catalog model. .