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How To Become A Fashion Consultant

How To Become A Fashion Consultant

The fabulous lane to becoming a fashion consultant actually begins with yourself. You have to be able to talk the talk and walk the walk at the same time, and be guided by the tips in this video.

Hi. I'm Clare Watson, owner of personal styling business, Miss-dress. Today, I'm going to be showing you plenty of tips and tricks on style and lots of fashion advice that you can use for both work and play.

I've been a personal stylist for over 6 years and I'm always getting asked how did I get into it. Personal styling has obviously become a very popular career choice nowadays. So, here are just a few of my tips on how to make it in the industry.

Firstly, it goes without saying, dress to impress. If you want to be able to dress other people, you need to be able to dress yourself, so always think about that and being a walking-talking effort for your own skills and services. Next, if you haven't already done it, I would advise doing a short course in fashion styling.

Besides the practical elements of dressing other people, there is a lot of theory involved and I, for one, did do a course in fashion styling when I very first started out and I'm always refreshing my knowledge and skills about the profession as well. Besides theory surrounding fashion styling and personal styling, you also need to be abreast of all the current fashion trends there to suit the different body shapes. So, always be wary and have your finger on the pulse about the past, present and future fashion trends.

Once you feel confident of the knowledge that you know and skills set that you have, then you're able to start rifling through your friends and family's wardrobes. I always say, before you unleash yourself on the general public, make sure that you feel completely confident and comfortable with your skill and ability in dressing different body shapes, sizes and ages, so start with your friends and family and I would say, do at least 20 different people before you start to go out to the general public and promote your services. That's a good number for being able to really get a grip with your ability and formulate a well-structured plan.

So by going to your friends' wardrobes, you'll be able to make up lots of different outfits, and always aim to have a structure to it when you're going through somebody else's wardrobe. So, never make it longer than 3 hours but it's good to have it within 1 to 2 hours when you're first starting out and always go with the aim of putting together at least 15 to 30 new outfits within that wardrobe. As I said, practice makes perfect when it comes to understanding somebody's wardrobe so just keep going with it until you know that you've got it right.

When you're ready, then you're able to move on to taking somebody shopping and just like the wardrobe, make sure that you have it structured, so a set number of hours that you are going to take that person shopping for, a set list of shops that you are going to go within that time frame, and also a tentative shopping list, too. Remember, when you're taking somebody shopping, it's not like shopping with your sister or your friend or your mom, it's shopping with a complete stranger and it's a completely different experience and it needs to be totally focused where the stylist is leading the shopping trip all the time. So, it's all in the planning and the research so just make sure that you're prepared before you take somebody shopping.

Every time you style somebody, whether wardrobe or shopping, take a picture of them before and then take a picture of them after you styled them. And also, if they're willing, ask them to write a little testimonial for you too because these are all great tools for you then being able to promote to other people about your services. And then lastly, once you've practiced and practiced and practiced and you feel totally ready to start to sell your services, then put together your website with all of your testimonials and before and after pictures.

Then, you can start promoting to local social groups such as mothers with babies who might be looking for somebody to help them get out of their styling rut or perhaps your