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How To Become A Fashion Stylist

How To Become A Fashion Stylist

A personal stylist herself shares some inside scoop on how to break into the fashion industry as a stylist. There may be cutthroat competition but this video will guide you through it.

Hi. I'm Clare Watson, owner of personal styling business, Miss-dress. Today, I'm going to be showing you plenty of tips and tricks on style and lots of fashion advice that you can use for both work and play.

I've been in the fashion industry for a long time as a stylist and I'm always getting asked how did I get into my job and I'm here to tell you just a few tips about how you can become a fashion stylist, too. For those of you that are committed and are not afraid of some hard work, then now, there are a few things you can do to kick-start your career. Firstly, you have got to love fashion, crucial.

Stylists are ones that set the trends and show the rest of the world how to put together the outfits that are going to be current for that season. It's no good just liking clothes or thinking that you can dress yourself in a certain way, you've got to be adaptable and be able to take on any trend and utilize it and show the different ways of wearing it. Whilst having a degree in fashion is not absolutely essential, there are plenty of fashion styling courses around that will serve as a good way of getting together your knowledge, skills and experience needed for entering into the industry and, of course, these are all favourably looked at by fashion employers as well.

Besides getting your qualifications, work experience is absolutely crucial for becoming a fashion stylist. I did loads and loads when I first joined the fashion industry and you should definitely do it too. Besides qualifications, work experience is absolutely crucial for gaining access into the fashion industry.

Fashion styling has become an incredibly competitive profession. So, to set yourself above and beyond the rest of your rivals, do lots of work experience and lots of variety too. Don't just stay at the same magazine, keep moving around.

For more information on how to get a fashion internship on a magazine, please refer to my other video, How to Get a Fashion Internship. By gaining work experience, you'll begin to be exposed to those in the industry and those names that you want to have in your little black book that are going to be key for you to getting your first fashion styling gig. So, whilst the names of those people at the top of the trade are very useful to have, think also of the bottom as well, about the photographer's assistants, the hair and makeup artist's assistants.

They are the stars of the future and they will be the people that you will want to lean on when it comes to putting together your own fashion portfolio and gaining your first fashion styling job. Once you feel ready having gained some work experience and built up your contact book, you can then start to utilize those names within it and think about putting together your very first fashion photoshoot. This is something that it's most commonly referred to in the industry as testing.

It's a keyword that you'll hear cropped up time and time again as a fashion stylist. When you're ready to test, you can look through your book and contact any young, up and coming photographers, hair and makeup artists, to assist you on creating your photoshoot. Once you've got it ready, then you can go ahead shoot and print those pictures and start off your fashion portfolio.

Once you've done a few test shoots, then go back to your contact book and start to contact those people established at different magazines and newspapers and arrange appointments with them to go and show your portfolio. This is then the crucial make-or-break for entering into the industry as a stylist and you would soon discover whether you really have got what it takes to become a fashion stylist. .