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How To Become A Lingerie Model

How To Become A Lingerie Model

Model agencies and their clients are looking for lingerie models. What are the physical traits they look for in lingerie models? Watch this Videojug film to find out!

Hi, my name is Renee Barca. I work at IMM model agency. I'm going to speak to you about how the modelling industry works.

I'm going to explain to you how to be a lingerie model. To define what lingerie model is, it can range from anything from Victoria's Secret through to Bravissimo. I'm going to focus more on the Bravissimo range because I feel that this is more lingerie modelling than say Victoria's Secret.

To become a lingerie model, you need to have a very large cup size. We usually take on girls with a cup size of a 34E and above. The reason we need girls with a large cup size is because it shows the detail on the bra.

A lot of the lingerie clients as well prefer girls with a bigger bust because obviously, the cleavage that a bigger bust produces is a lot nicer than a smaller cleavage. They also like girls to have a very womanly figure. This means a girl who has a large bust shall also have larger hips.

We like girls with a real hourglass figure for this type of work. Height for lingerie modelling isn't that much of an issue. We like to take on girls who are above five foot six, but again, this isn't too much of a problem.

A lot of the lingerie modelling doesn't involve runway work so therefore, it doesn't matter how you walk or how tall you are. Lingerie modelling can also include showroom work. Showroom work is when lingerie clients have to try and sell off their lingerie to department stores, and therefore they need to have these meetings and have models trying on the bras to show to the department store clients what they look like.

If you want to be a showroom lingerie model, you cannot have any tattoos or any big scars. In photo shoots, these can be airbrushed out, but for showroom work, we need somebody who doesn't have any of this. A great rule of thumb for any type of modelling is not to get tattoos because it does work really against you when it comes to the modelling world.

I have a picture here of Loretta. She is one of our best lingerie models at the moment. She is five foot seven and has a cup size of 32F.

This really works in her favor because loads of lingerie clients want to work with her, as her bust size is so large it shows off all the details on the bra. As you can see here, she has quite an hourglass figure. Her hips come in, sorry, her waist comes in and her hips go out.

This shows off a nice womanly figure. For lingerie models, we like girls who look quite normal and quite regular looking. We don't want any huge stunners.

Girls that we can relate to is the sort of lingerie models that we ask for because then women don't feel threatened by them. This is why we also like girls with the hourglass figure, because it shows what a woman's figure should look like, which is when women are looking for lingerie, the sort of thing they want to see. No one likes seeing really thin models when obviously not everybody looks like that.

So this is the best way to become a lingerie model. .