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How To Become A Mermaid

How To Become A Mermaid

Juliette Eve gives us a lesson in face painting showing us how to paint a mermaid face. In the video, she transforms Millie into a mermaid as she explains how to do it.

Right, today, what we're going to do is show you how to turn this young lady into a mermaid, so how to become a mermaid. And I'm doing going to do some shells and kind of fish tails, pretty ones though, and maybe a bit of seaweed, and that's the effect we're trying to give. Okay, so we start with the base.

I have some white and a bit of blue, and we start with the white on the sort of lower part of the face. You'll see I've got blue there as well. So, a bit of green there and take that over that angle as well because that's where I'm going to do that kind of fishtail bit.

Close your eyes again. Lovely! So, you can see I've got sort of two colors there to, again, add a bit of depth. And take another sponge to add the shell.

I'm going to do this mainly in orange, and I've got a kind of funny pinky color here. And then, were going to add a kind of shell shape here, and then we'll just take a line, sweep it over like that and another one here. I'll do an eye line as well on here and then keep your eyes closed for me, Millie, and then we'll do another sweep over there on that, and then form the end of the fish tail.

Get her a lighter green to go on the inside, so open there slightly. That's lovely! So, the two will blend together, the darker on the outside and the lighter green on the inside. This is the lower edge of the shell, and then I'll just make a wobbly edge around the edge to look as though it's the edge of the shell.

Again, as I said, it's only a hint, it's a suggestion, nothing has to be perfect. So, we'll highlight the center of the shell here. So I've got a nice darker green here, much stronger green.

So it's the underside we're looking for and again, just adding the little bit round there to highlight that. I've got some green glitter here. Again, I just damp my finger on a wet wipe and just dab it on.

That really answers something, doesn't it? Open up your mouth slightly, a little bit on the lip, and then we'll just add some onto the shell. That'll make it glisten, you see, how I just curved it at the top to accent the shape of the shell. Little bit there and we'll put some – we'll make a few more little bits of seaweed or whatever.

Just wiggle it down. It's so lovely to draw with. Put a few on the fins as well while I'm at it.

Come around there, well, so that's a very sparkly mermaid. I think we're done there. And this is how to become a mermaid.

All she needs now is her fishtail and you'll be complete. What do you think of that one? .